Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Focus on Friendship

Can you believe we are half-way through the school year? February is a great time to focus on friends; the middle of the month is marked with Valentine’s Day.   At school, children are always surrounded by many other children.  They are asked to work together, to help one another, to learn from each other and to play together.   When asked to reflect on friendship this week, children in the North Room had plenty to say.  Along with all of this daily practice being a good friend to one’s classmates we are reading books about friends, including Frog and Toad, by Arnold Lobel, and George and Martha, by James Marshall. Talking about the stories, we create a common language to discuss friendship.  Do you have a favorite book about friendship?
 Accompanying the student writing are portraits they made with a focus on expressing friendly emotions. 

I believe that my hopes can bring me to wonderland and my friends are golden.  Friends are awesome.  Friends make your heart feel like a golden leaf.
Love, Daisy

I feel like I have friends.  Usually I make them.  I walk up and say, “Can I play?”

I believe you would be nothing without a friend.  The qualities of friendship are very special.  When I am making a friend I act happy but also shy.

I feel excited when I make new friends.  I felt it especially when I met Henry.  Henry and I are kind of alike.

I believe you are always there for me.  A friend and you can get in fights but you always make up.  I think to you friends are everywhere just waiting to get found.  So if you don’t have a friend you should get one.
By Anya

I feel shy when making friends, and when I feel better I go to play with my new friend.  When I am done I will go to my house and I will go to bed.  When it is morning I will go to my best friend’s house and we will play!

I am a good friend.  I have a friend, Tate.  He is cool.  He is fun to play with.

Good friends are always there for you.  Friends are the best.  Friends can help you through hard stuff and you can trust them.

Good friends are very nice.  I am a good friend if a friend wants to come over and play with me. 

Good friends are always nice.  You are not yourself without a friend.  I can make a friend anywhere.  A friend is special.

I feel shy when I meet a friend.  Friends are fun, helpful and nice.

Best friends share video games.  Best friends are the best thing I can think of.

Friendships are very special to me.  I like my friends.  They are special.  I really like them when we play together.  My friends have good ideas.  They are very fun.

I am shy when some people are new in the school.  Once I get used to the people they are my friend.