Sunday, July 8, 2012

Review of our Recent Summer Class

We had a wonderful two weeks at the Minotaur Camp--children of all ages worked together--alumni came back to help and support our efforts--the accompanying photos show glimpses of the second week.  We had a highlight, however, that did not get photographed--visiting assisting student, Adam Bernhard, a student at SAAS, became the Minotaur for us as we entered our own labyrinth  in the transformed Trike Room.  Former students, Sophia Petersen and Margaret Wolff, worked together with adults to hang cloths for walls.  They were joined by Austin Bryant, another former student who hid in the maze and participated in making the experience a memorable one for the younger children who  enjoyed acting as Theseus did as they entered the labyrinth.  Many made return visits when their parents arrived at the end of the day.