Friday, June 22, 2012

Stephen Hawking visits Parents and Students of The Lake and Park School

Lake & Park students enjoyed a rare visit from theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking on Wednesday, June 13th.  The former Lucasian professor of mathematics at the University of Cambridge was in Seattle to participate in the Luminaries Series of the Seattle Science Festival, but not before sharing his sense of adventure and curiosity with the children at The Lake & Park School in Mount Baker.

students and teachers of The Lake and Park School

Tom McQueen and Stephen Hawking

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lake and Park School Explores the Journey of Charles Darwin aboard the HMS Beagle

During May and June the entire school has engaged in a study of Charles Darwin and the work he did as a naturalist aboard the HMS Beagle.  Our learning takes many forms.  Here are some journal entries and photos taken during our study.
Listening to the story while aboard the Beagle.

Tree tree
Tree of life
Thank you girls and boys
Students on board the school model of the HMS Beagle
Bugs and things.
Dear Darwin,
I like your discoveries.
I look around me.

The Sea
By Franklin
The sea as smooth as glass.
As smooth as leather
As smooth as a flower.
As smooth as a dog’s ear.

Measuring specimens
By Rowan
I like to take walks in quiet forests
With one or two friends
Like Charles Darwin.

By Sadie
Self-Discovery means you find out who you are.
Maybe my talent is golf.
Maybe my hobby is acting.
Maybe my collection is fossils.
Sketch of finch beaks by Dutch

The Rain
By Kaitlin
I love the rain.
When it is a sunny day
And it starts to rain
I go to my porch with my friend.

The Deschutes River
By Walter
Floating down the river
Going to some rapids
In our big blue raft.
Back at camp
We hear a rattlesnake.
Oh, what a beautiful day.

Drawing of Charles traveling in South America.
by Harriet
By Kaitlin
Flowers and the birds
Cats and dogs,
animals and plants
are parts of nature
And so are you.

Day 1 on the HMS Beagle
By Henry
I was on the HMS beagle.  It felt awesome.  I saw some sharks and a great white shark.  I am lucky I wasn’t seasick like Charles Darwin.  When I got to St. Jago I jumped up and down I was so happy.

Sketch of a fossil by Chloe

Charles Darwin as a Child
By Sabina
Charles Darwin climbed trees, so do I.
Charles Darwin was respectful, so am I, most of the time.
Charles Darwin was sneaky, so am I.
Charles Darwin didn’t like crowds, neither do I?
Charles Darwin liked to take walks, so do I.
Charles Darwin liked to play; definitely I do, all day long.
I might have been friends with Charles Darwin.

By Chloe
I was looking out my window
And I saw rain.
How the rain rushes down my window
It makes me feel
like a little raindrop.

Are there sea creatures that we have not found like this?
by Delphine