Sunday, December 11, 2011

the lake & park school

From: Camille Hayward
Date: 7 December 2011
To:   DeAnna Martin - Director Route Planning - King County Metro Transit
Subject: Route change for #14 metro bus route

We are a small private school housed in the Mt Baker Park Presbyterian Church and serve a population of  approximately forty preschool through fourth grade children annually.  Next year will be our tenth year of operation.  We rely on the Number 14 bus for most of our transportation needs.  In the past, the bus stop
was very convenient, right across from the church, which allowed for safe boarding.  Currently, the bus stop is still easy for us to access as we board at Trudy Sanders Triangle Park.  We would be most adversely effected by having to walk our children across busy streets to reach the proposed new boarding point on 31st.  Please know that we are becoming more and more a school that goes “into the field” as we travel to parks and our own p-patch at Colman Park.  We are teaching our children to be responsible, ecologically aware citizens who contribute to the common good;  we see the effects of that beneficiary when we ourselves are welcomed on public transit.  Learning to ride the public buses and light rail early is, in my opinion, akin to learning to vote as a matter of civic course.  Please consider our unique needs and weigh those against any expressed detriments that were raised in considering making such a drastic route change away from the neighborhood the 14 seeks to serve, and away from its current and future constituencies.

Camille Hayward
206 841 3541
The Lake and Park School
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Seattle, WA 98144


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